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Isis Life Partner Relationship Timing Report ™ (Description)

Personal report for: Maria

Dynamic Report Analysis:

  This report gives you the most likely time periods to meet and/or begin an important relationship over most of your lifetime.  Around the graph peaks, plus or minus one year , are when you could cross paths or even re-connect with a potentially significant person for a possible relationship.

  The higher the probability (peaks in the graph) the more likely the relationship could have life partner or soulmate potential. Dates with percentages below 30% are more likely to be short-term or practice relationships. 

  The graph below indicates the probability of meeting/connecting with Maria's life partner or soulmate over the majority of her life.      The sample graph below represents the most likely time for Maria to meet her life partner. This was 1993 (plus or minus one year).  She did meet him (their relationship compatibility was 92%) in early 1992 and they married in 1993.

Time Period Summary:

Date (usually, + or - one year):                           Probability rating:                              Rating description:

                   1962                                                                 32 %                                               (Below Average)

                   1964                                                                 30 %                                               (Below Average)

                   1968                                                                 36 %                                               (Below Average)

                   1976                                                                 31 %                                               (Below Average)

                   1979                                                                 33 %                                               (Below Average)

                   1981                                                                 35 %                                               (Below Average)

                   1983                                                                 32 %                                               (Below Average)

                   1993                                                                 94 %                                               (Outstanding)

                   2001                                                                 25 %                                               (Below Average)

                   2008                                                                 28 %                                               (Below Average)

                   2011                                                                 30 %                                               (Below Average)

How To Receive Your Personal Life Partner Relationship Timing Report:

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