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   Mark is a Co-Director of the Center for the Advancement of Spiritual and Scientific Truth and its auxiliary, Intuitive Services.   Presently, the primary service shared by our center (intended to facilitate personal growth and self-healing) is in-depth personal consultation by phone through

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   Mark (an Intuitive Consultant specializing in relationship compatibility) intends to give you a unique perspective (balancing intuition and logic) through a roadmap of probable or likely events for love/romance, money, and vocational opportunities using cards (event description/outcome), astrology (event timing), and clairvoyance. Mark (scientist and former systems engineer, BSEE) has over a decade of professional full-time experience (over 15,000 consultations with Intuitive Services, (as "isisimatch"), 800Predict, and Phoenix Psychic Services). He has many newspaper/TV/Radio appearances.

Services Offered:

Clairvoyant Consultations (Predicts Love, Money, and Vocational Opportunities)

   Future Event Outcome and Timing Combined Synergistically (Using Cards, Astrology, and Clairvoyance)..

       Intuitive Card Reading  (For Probable Future Event Outcome/Description)

       Intuitive Astrological Interpretation (For Probable Future Event Opportunity Timing)

         Personality Insight (Spiritual, Emotional, Mental, Physical Personality Characteristics)

         Relationship Compatibility Potential  (Romance  Avocational  Friendship)

             Longevity and Harmony/Challenge Potential Numerically Rated with proprietary algorithm:

            Unique and Personal Computer Interpretation Report Available  (Visit: or

   Spirit Communication ( Messages Relayed From Relatives/Friends on the Other Side)

Media Appearances/Interviews:

Dayton Daily News, WKEF 22 News (NBC TV affliliate), WSAI AM 1530 "Angel Talk" (National radio show), WHIO AM 1290 (New Years radio show),  Columnist for "Passages" Newsletter.

Put to the test on TV: "The reading was fun and it did produce some uncanny insight into my personality, my past and my present...Mark...was right on target with much of what they said. Although not a scientific survey, their statistical accuracy was as follows: 0%...false, 14%...true for most people, 36%...specifically true for her, 50% uncanny direct hits out of a total 22 items (100%). The psychic had an uncanny ability to know more about me than a stranger should. "NBC TV affiliate News

Sample Testimonials:

"He was right in the money, I would definitely refer this guy to anyone who needs accurate advice": J.M.

He was right on the mark ... very good reading and I look forward to talking to him again ...looking forward to several of the things coming up ... will call back soon ... Thanks!!":  J.B.

"...he said something about a female whose name begins with an "r", and i have been trying to reach a best friend that i lost contact with about 2 years ago whose name begins with an "r". i really miss her and i hope that what he says is true, i dont care how emotional our reunion.": A.Q.

"The relationship compatibility insight was uncanny! I really like the way he can tell if my relationship has soulmate potential.";  R.B.

"He was very good. ...and was quick to find answers as not to waste my time and money. Highly recommended.": C.M

"I am amazed at your accuracy. A lot of things you told me are starting to happen" : S.B.

"There are a lot of things going on in my life right now and you guys predicted it, I'm just blown away, hope your doing great" : L.D.

"I met you at a psychic show over a year ago, Mark did some future astrology for me and told me about some wonderful upcoming opportunities that, since then, ended up being very, very said you felt good about my boyfriend and we are currently engaged to be married, just like you predicted! You are both such special people, thank have been in my heart and prayers" : M.C.

"Thank you for being so wonderful to me...lots of love" : J.J.

"Went over the tapes done several months ago...surprised at congruity of what was said then and what's happening now...very accurate" : J.F.

"Of everything you told me, most of it has already come true" : R.S.

"You said there would be a major change in my life and it has happened" : J.W.

"There is a lot of stuff going on, and Mark, your astrology chart was right on, you wouldn't believe it" : B.A.

"Want to give you a big thank you for that wonderful reading, it was great and I really appreciate it" : M.S.

"Just wanted to let Mark know he was correct, the guy did change his mind...what would be a good day to sign the contract ?" B.G..

"What a surprise, we are getting Di (our dog) were correct" : V.P.

"Here's validation for you, the windfall you predicted for today was that I just got news of an unexpectedly large bonus and award" : C.H.

"Yesterday was supposed to be my challenging day with males, well about 10:00 AM that day my son called from school and said he needed to come home because he was ill; so something did happen...I'm just lucky and grateful that's all there was" : G.F.

"Hello I was just writing to thank you for all the complimentary stuff you sent me. I am very thankful and all of it helped me. I really do appreciate it. Most people just sent me a price list.....I was suprised when I saw all my E-mail. Your friend Larcen7"

"I can't begin to tell you both how wonderful that it is that we have "found" one another "again". Being around you two and sharing our mutual interests makes me feel more alive and excited than I have been for a long time." : P.E.

"Just wanted to thank you for our visit today, we enjoyed our visit with you   a was really a very special day. It was great, very inspiring, positive and relaxing. Mark, thanks a lot for the astrology work. THANK YOU.... I could not believe how much there was. It was so comfortable to talk with you and to know that I am getting to know you two's really neat! We'll see you on the news. Am looking forward to seeing you in person is always to you." : G.F.

"Thank you so gave me new insight. I know I will never forget that helped push me ahead with my goals." : S.A.

"You helped me so much. I am very happy. I think and pray that all is well with you and your are both so full of love" : M.C.

"Just what you said happened...thanks for being there" : L.G.

"You sure hit the nail on the head when you said things would be challenging until Thanksgiving...thanks for letting me know when things would improve." : J.P.

"Thanks for a wonderful evening. It was special and the comfort and ease we felt not only with spirit, but also with you... it means so much." : D.S.

"I enjoyed the reading. It was a great...wish you peace, light and love. Take care." : A.L.

"Thank you for being my friend. God has given you a great gift to help enrich people's lives" : L.W.

"Many miracles have taken place in my life since we met a week offer so much love, understanding, and sensitivity to those lives you touch." : T.M.

Method background/explanation:

What is astrology?

   Astrology is the study of how the cosmos (e.g., astrophysical constellations and planets) influences the living Earth. The symbolic language of astrology represents a blueprint or pattern of non-physical energy best applied for personality insight, timing events, and relationship compatibility. In essence, these patterns of energy relate to spiritual consciousness, psychological, emotional, mental and physical issues, character traits, likes/dislikes, and potential for personal growth.

   Although several limited statistical studies to explain and validate planetary influences have been attempted, the results are not completely satisfying. Most of these studies involved Sun sign personality traits, which only represent a fraction of a complete astrological personality profile. Some of the more involved studies have shown some interesting correlation, but were not complete or rigorous by standard scientific methods. This is partly due to the multitude of probable outcomes that are greatly dependent on a person's spiritual growth and consciousness. Astrology is a both a science and an art; because whatever the character of the astrological energy and regardless of the accuracy the of astrologist's insight, an individual always has free will to change a probable outcome.

   After eighteen years experience (including research and six years of professional full-time consultation with over ten thousand clients), I feel certain that some form of spiritual, psychological, emotional, and physical influence by planetary cycles exists. No one is exactly sure how astrological cycles influence individual consciousness (e.g., a very rough analogy is the lunar effect on ocean tides). To the best of my knowledge, all that is presently known is that some type of strong correlation of consciousness and subtle energy is present at certain angles between planetary positions in zodiac constellations.

   Since the macrocosmic physical world is likely a reflection of the microcosmic multi-dimensional spiritual planes, the link between mathematics, geometry, music, spirituality, and celestial planetary movement has been studied for centuries. For example, between 1895 and 1933, Charles Leadbeater and Annie Besant of the Theosophical Society conducted clairvoyant studies of the atomic structure of the periodic table of elements. They observed and described an entire spectrum of new fundamental particles below the conventional subatomic particles (e.g., quarks) which make up physical atoms (protons, electrons, and neutrons). Their intuitive investigation included a vision of a fundamental particle that looks amazingly similar to the heart shape below. These particles were further geometrically grouped together as several recurring periodic patterns of form to make up known atoms.

Since the macrocosmic physical world is likely a reflection of the microcosmic multi-dimensional spiritual planes, the link between mathematics, geometry, music, spirituality, and celestial planetary movement has been studied for centuries. For example, between 1895 and 1933, Charles Leadbeater and Annie Besant of the Theosophical Society conducted clairvoyant studies of the atomic structure of the periodic table of elements. They observed and described an entire spectrum of new fundamental particles below the conventional subatomic particles (e.g., quarks) which make up physical atoms (protons, electrons, and neutrons). Their intuitive investigation included a vision of a fundamental particle that looks amazingly similar to the heart shape at left. These particles were further geometrically grouped together as several recurring periodic patterns of form to make up known atoms.

   The famous astronomer, Kepler, discovered a harmonic musical relationship between planetary angular velocity (i.e., rate of planetary rotation as a planet travels around the Sun) and the musical scale. He found that as each planet reached its maximum orbital distance from the Sun and its minimum orbital distance, the ratio of the angular velocity (rate of change of position) of each planet to another was in the same harmonic ratio as the musical scale. Interestingly, the study of complexity (chaos) physics theory reveals that the main growth buds on a Mandlebrodt fractal cardioid (the heart figure at upper left), present in many biological growth processes in nature (e.g., plant kingdom), are at the similar integer multiple value angles as many of the most sensitive angles used by astrologists. Referring to the heart figure at upper left, notice that the angle between the two white lines inside the large heart shape make a right (90 degree) angle…one of the most important angles astrologists use. In addition to the horizontal line (shown pointing to the left little heart/circle blossoming), more lines could be drawn from the large heart center to each heart/circle (with the angle between any two lines a sensitive astrological angle).

   In astrology, when each of these specific angles are present, some type of energetic resonance or harmony occurs. For example, at time of a person's birth, if the planet Venus is 120 degrees in longitude away from an individual's Jupiter position; then the energy pattern created may present a better than average chance for fortunate opportunities concerned with love and money over that person's lifetime. When moving planets align and trigger this fixed personal energetic birth pattern; a type of harmonic portal or opening is created for higher dimensional subtle energy to flow through (much like opening a valve). The fewer spiritual/emotional issues we have, the easier it is for us to spiral or shift into a more perfect reality (to facilitate what we incarnated here to accomplish). Like knowing the direction and magnitude of a changing river current, we can predict with accuracy when is the best time and direction to swim (e.g., is it better to apply our time and energy in love or career areas?).

What is Synchronicity?

   In modern times, the concept of synchronicity was characterized by the psychologist Carl Jung and more recently popularized by others. Synchronistic phenomena are two or more apparent random symbolic event coincidences (i.e., seemingly unrelated occurrences) in our conscious awareness which are, in actuality, equivalencies in heterogeneous, casually unrelated space/time processes where something other than the probability of chance is involved. A "symbolic event" is defined as any observable that is recognized and has a multitude of interpretations depending on the personal and collective unconscious perspective of the perceiver. Synchronicities are characterized nonlinear, holistic, right-brain oriented thinking; complementary to logical, linear, left-brain thinking. Some have speculated that synchronicities are actually intuitive, ordered reflections of some type of platonic archetypal imaging (i.e., unconscious, universal, perfected, and formalized structures that parallel conscious common everyday life). We hypothesize that at least two levels or types of synchronistic symbols exist: 1) objective; easily recognized physical symbols such as a fish, ball, butterfly, etc. and 2) subjective; subtlety recognized states of awareness of emotional feeling or sensation such as love, fear, warmth, etc. We would even entertain the possibility that unconscious, formalized structures or codes representing synchronicities could consist of a large number of derivative subsets of geometric fractal shapes originating from the classical platonic-like geometric solids. These code systems are similar to a language of light alphabet with values that comprise and orchestrate observed fundamental elements/particles (e.g., electrons, quarks, DNA, etc.) and are outside of our measured conventional electromagnetic light spectrum.  In any event, a synchronicity is a conscious perception of an unconscious symbol by an observer that may be simultaneously represented by an outside event, without any apparent casual connection.  Tarot cards and intuitive clairvoyance are examples of ways to measure synchronicity.

   There is even deeper significance in noticing two or more seemingly unrelated symbols from different sets of symbols; each set containing similar repeating symbols (i.e., any observable objects of conscious awareness) among each other. When at least one member symbol from at least two synchronicity sets spontaneously converge unexpectedly, simultaneously and/or sequentially both temporally and spatially around a person, place, or physical situation additional information may be ascertained.

   The following is practical and everyday life example of symbols from two different synchronicity sets that converge. From one symbol set an observer, over any previous time period, might see two or more real butterflies in nature, pictures and/or names of butterflies in dreams, in the major media (e.g., television, radio, magazines, newspapers), conversations, signs, license plates, etc. From another symbol set, if the number "53" has been repeating also; then if individual meets a person with a butterfly on their clothing on May 3rd or room 53, a convergence of different symbols from two different set has resulted in more information and potential significance. As in an ongoing and evolving puzzle, interpretation of synchronicities both: 1) one set of similar, repeating symbols and 2) the convergence multiple sets of symbols, are both highly individualistic not easily formalized, nor predicted.

   In other words, synchronicities are perceptions of an inner intuitive, extrasensory happening (e.g., dream, vision, premonition, and epiphany) when accompanied by a corresponding outer physical event (e.g., perception of a symbol, apparition, and miracle) in which the latter could not have been causally connected with the former. In essence, synchronicities represent first-person responses/feedback of the status of act(s) of conscious, space/time reality creation (both individual and collectively created).   It is important to note that the source of synchronicity is not only created from an individual's present incarnation, but also referenced from other reincarnations drawing upon both individual and collective soul memory experiences.

What can astrology and synchronicity do for you?

   As a practical day-to-day tool, astrology (using a complete birth map generated with your birthdate, birthtime, and birthplace…not just Sun or birth sign only), is at its best for personality characteristics, timing probable events as a roadmap, and relationship compatibility. Astrology gives insight into one's personality and future opportunities around spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical matters (e.g., love, money, avocation, health, etc.). Every tool has its limitations and astrology is no different. Because of multiple interpretations for any given astrological influence, a tool like Tarot cards (representing synchronicity) are better to use to measure consciousness (i.e., what probable event description or outcome is more likely). However, as compared to cards, astrology is greatly superior for timing events. An ideal reading could combine astrology, cards, and intuition/clairvoyance (also representing synchronicity) resulting in a synergistic (i.e., 1+1+1=4) accuracy.

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