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The following is a portion of a twelve page sample report:

First few pages (Relationship Compatibility category only):

Isis Relationship Compatibility Harmonic Indicator System Report ™ (Sample)

Personal report for: (Jane and John)

Introduction/Background: (Included in your personal report)

Personal Compatibility Report Analysis:    Most categories (i.e., characteristics of your mutual compatibility) consist of two parts:

      A) Numerical Ranking/scoring represented by:

            1) Percent (%) of the ideal compatibility: (0 to 100%...e.g., in the first category; a percent rating above 60% usually indicates long-term potential.)

            2) Number and color of Stars:

                  a) 5 stars(Outstanding) or 4 stars(Excellent) or 3 stars(Well Above Average): GO...Significant long-term romantic potential...and for friendship or business.

                  b)2 stars(Barely Above Average): Caution...Borderline long-term romantic potential...better for friendship or business.

                  c) 1 stars(Average) or no Stars (Below Average or Poor): Stop...Use extreme caution since there is slight long-term romantic potential...maybe possible for friendship or business. 

           3) Rating Label: (Outstanding, Excellent, Above Average, Average, Below Average, Poor)

      B) Personal text interpretation: As text flows top to bottom, it decreases in importance. Text length, in each category, varies from several paragraphs up to two pages.

  Referring to the graph below, the first four compatibility categories are the primary indications of potential relationship compatibility.

Relationship Compatibility Score: 90 %, 5 stars, (Outstanding)

   Combines potential harmony/attraction and longevity. As the single most important category for comparison, above 60% has greater potential for long term soulmate or life-partner success.  Relationships below 60% are more likely to be shorter term (as practice) to resolve issues in preparation for another more fulfilling relationship.  Generally, above 85% may be considered "outstanding", 70% to 85% "excellent", 55% to 70% "above average", 45% to 55% "average", 35% to 45% "below average", and under 35% "poor".

Relationship Compatibility Interpretation:

    Indicates a mutual emotional/intuitive bond, strengthened domestic harmony, and an important indication of soulmate/life-partner potential. Connections between individuals can be strengthened by strong intuition. Relationship character and personality traits emphasized include passivity, emotions/feelings, emotional clarity, receptivity, caring, trusting. Focus is on issues dealing with the subconscious personality, mystery, instinct/intuition, fluidity, adaptation, flexibility, temperament, reaction, and routines/habit. Influences interactions with females in any role around you, home/family, children, public relations and transportation. Be aware of experiences with soul memory, flowing, right brain activity, creativeness, and reflection. Indicates an intense love/heart bond and is an important indication of soulmate/life-partner potential. Connections between individuals can be strengthened through deep love, intimacy, emotionally colored tastes, touch, kindness, warmth, harmony, balance, aesthetics, and fertility. Relationship character and personality traits emphasized include love/joy/happiness, beauty, grace, peace, attractiveness, and creativity. Focus is on romantic relationships, money/finance issues, arts/music/entertainment pursuits, fashion, and harmonious social events. Indicates many past lives together and strong karmic ties through old/new associations, and acquaintances. Focus is on integrating past with present behaviors.   

    Spiritual/philosophic/material growth and or harmony can create fortunate opportunities through trusting your faith and exploring expanded beliefs. Indicates the presence of abundance and self-confidence. Experience "walking your talk" and enjoy eclectic experiences (e.g., travel, education, and enterprise). Facilitates new and exciting creative expression of mutual ideas through sudden self-discovery, avocational experimentation, and interests in computers/communication/technology. Growth of confidence in originality. Indicates a common avocation, vitality, and compatible personality identities. Connections between individuals can be strengthened through the active use of source and life force energy. Relationship character and personality traits emphasized include the use of logical and analytical faculties, left brain activity, true self-expression, play, acting capabilities, creative vitality, illumination, will-power, ambition, a focus on achievement, self-confidence, strength, purpose, and dynamic action and predictability. Focus is on the conscious personality (or "the mask you choose to display"), males in any role around you, health/vitality, authority/leadership, and identity. Balancing work and personal life through a well-developed value system supports relationships and events. Focus is on rewards, avocational artistic expression, wise counsel, fortunate property/finance decisions, and prosperity.

   Deep affection and devotion are merged with sympathy, sensitivity, and consideration. Depending on each person's spiritual evolvement, relationships can be influenced through loving harmonious emotions, inner harmony, and social and domestic ease. Favorable public/social relations and emotional balance influence relationship character and personality traits. Focus is on artistic passion. Indicates a strong physical union strengthened with passionate intimacy/sexuality. Connections between individuals can be expressed through energy, action, procreation/virility, courage, initiative, desire, and zeal/enthusiasm. Relationship character and personality traits emphasized include assertion, self-starting motivation, boldness, and courage. Focus is on intense energy.

   Love and resources expand fortunately through spiritual and philosophic inspiration and are further supported by a sense of purpose and mentors. Events center around educational travel and sociability/parties. Interest in faith in highest values/principles, "walking your talk", and eclectic understanding is a focus. Relationships and events are characterized by a feeling of generous giving and receiving, abundance in financial rewards, and discovering your inner truth. Indicates a strong similar life purpose and mission through vocational/cultural accomplishment joint experience, and resourceful aim/goals. Focus is on a complimentary awareness of mother/father stereotypes. Intuition and creativity flows well through complimentary personality traits. Relationships are supported by powerful attraction. Focus is on balancing masculine/projection and feminine/inner energy, and noticing and using dynamic intuition. Indicates a strong mutual friendship, creativity, and optimism.

    Connections between individuals can be strengthened by exploration of the philosophy of life expanded through benevolence/generosity, enlightenment, higher education, justice/law, major publishing, philosophy, adventure, and distant travel. Relationship character and personality traits emphasized include sound discernment, athleticism, candor, experience of a playful inner child, growth/increase, abundance/prosperity, and faith. Focus is on wealth/fortune, the sage, opportunity/benefit, luck, relief from burdens, and success. Exciting love and resource opportunity can manifest through love, emotional intensity, and intimacy. An interest in freedom and experimentation can lead to sharing unique values and experiencing exhilarating and sudden love. Discovery of multi-dimensional personality perspectives is possible. Relationships and events are influenced by sensual stimulation, new and exciting friendships, inspirational creativity, and flexibility that brings unexpected opportunity with important changes. Indicates balanced responsibility, commitment and endurance through wisdom and experience. Connections between individuals can be expressed through patience/endurance/persistence, stability, order/structure, asceticism, testing, karma, and a busy schedule. Relationship character and personality traits emphasized include maturation, concentration/discipline, practical application, and austerity. Focus is on past remembrance/lessons and the orthodox and/or the conventional. Fortunate past life karmic love connections supported through a similar value system, greater self-worth, and balancing needs.

    Indicates a spiritual union through empathy/compassion/sensitivity, ideal vision/imagination, and fantasy. Connections between individuals can be expressed through dreams, subtle energy, and mystical associations. Relationship character and personality traits emphasized include a focus on perfection, the esoteric, inspiration, mysticism, enlightenment, service, humility. Improved emotional self-image through a secure emotional identity, a nurturing/harmonious home/family/community environment, objective expression of deep feelings, and intuitive clarity. Indicates a mutual empowerment through renewal and forgiveness. Connections between individuals can be expressed through personal power and sex/intimacy. Relationship character and personality traits emphasized include the secret/mysterious. Focus is on a symbolic death/rebirth, hidden matters/resources, transformation/transcendence, the collective unconscious, and large-scale mass movements.

   The preceding was the first few pages of a sample report.  (Relationship Compatibility: Score and Interpretation only)

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